Our second year was a busy one at Tech:NYC. Our organization continues to grow—both in terms of our hardworking team and our membership. We host increasingly more events and engage on more issues as we work to represent the diverse and creative tech ecosystem here in the most diverse and creative city in the world. The truth is, it’s a pretty easy job. Our successes are our members’ successes; our fights are their fights. I’d bet on the amazing women and men who make up our ecosystem any day.

Year two gave us a chance to kick the tires and test out what we built. And we were thrilled with what we found. Nearly everything we envisioned came to life in big, bold ways. During our second year, we hosted more than 50 events; fought hard in NYC, Albany, and Washington, D.C. on issues like computer science education, immigration, and net neutrality; and celebrated big tech wins that show how quickly our ecosystem is growing. It’s an honor to fight alongside our members and our community, and I’m thankful for it every day.